The Myth of the Forceful Mediator

Here is another must-read article on mediation from one of my International Academy of Mediators colleagues, Jeff Kichaven. Jeff is a mediator’s mediator who both practices and teaches mediation. In this article, h
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From Duels to Handshakes

Los Angeles-based Mediators Daniel Ben-Zvi and Caroline Vincent have authored a terrific article on mediation entitled “Mediation: Duels to Handshakes.”   Daniel and Caroline accurately summarize their piece as a
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The Perfect Canoe Trip

I went on my first canoe trip in the northern Ontario wilderness when I was 10 years old. I have paddled over 5,000 km and spent countless nights on trail. I have guided trips of various lengths over 18 different summers
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The Man In the Middle

Florida, like most states with meaningful mediator certification standards, imposes an apprenticeship requirement.  The details have changed over the years, but fundamentally, before obtaining your mediator certificatio
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The Phrase That Pays

Get to the Printer I open the vast majority of my mediations with a five-minute slideshow on mediation.  I cover the ground rules on the process, and mandatory items such as confidentiality and how the mediator role differs from the role
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The Argument Clinic

The Argument Clinic Ever feel like your mediation is turning into a Monty Python skit? Consider the kind of mediation where one of the lawyers decides to disagree on everything, including the weather: “It sure is hot today,” casually re
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